Best Carbon Air Filter in 2020

Carbon air filters a made of activated charcoal (or activated carbon). It has a huge surface area – up to 30,000 sq ft due to the special processing to make small low volume pores (microporosity) for adsorption of contaminants. The filters are usually used in air and gas purification to eliminate odor, oil vapors and other contaminants from the air. They are built on a 1-stage or 2 stage filtration principle with activated charcoal embedded inside the filter media. Carbon air filters are used even in spacesuit life support systems.

General Information

We’ll discuss here the best carbon air filters for using either outside or inside the house. Charcoal air filter used for:

  • Removing undesirable or smelly odors
  • Air cleaning in curing/drying rooms
  • Absorbing household odors and cigarette smoke
  • Eliminating harmful parts from the air
  • Working with a ducting system and inline fan in growing rooms/boxes/tents
  • In welding, painting, and solvent working workshops

Carbon filtering is a chemical adsorption method of filtering, pollutant molecules “trap” inside the structure of the carbon media. It is also used in many other applications, such as respirator masks, cigarette filters, etc.

Cut to Fit (Trim to Fit) Carbon Filters

Universal trim to fit (cut to fit) carbon filters are easy to cut with scissors for use with any litter box. They a used to eliminate unwanted smell, even very strong as caused by dogs, cats, etc. You can just install them and in a few hours and you’ll notice the difference. They are affordable and effective natural solution, with no chemicals used, healthy for humans and pets.

You can use cut to fit carbon prefilters with a variety of air cleaners and air purifiers, including DeLonghi, Duracraft, Bionaire, Honeywell Enviracare, Holmes, Hunter HEPAtech, Hunter QuietFlo, Sunbeam, Sears/Kenmore, Whirlpool, and Vicks. They protect HEPA filters from exposure to larger dust, pet hair, and lint particles that reduce the filter’s life. Typically you need to replace trim to fit carbon filters every 3-6 months. Carbon cut to fit filters can be used for both inside or outside cleaners, exhaust or intake systems.

Compatible Hunter carbon pre filters are aftermarket filters that trap larger particles and reduce odors from cooking, smoking, and other.  Can be used with furnace filters, air purifiers, and range hoods. Use them in a passive air vent in a kitchen or bedroom doors, it will reduce odors significantly.

CFS made in USA activated Carbon pre filters come in large 15-3/4″ x 48″ sheets that fit most Honeywell model series from 10000 to 60000.

The filter is thin and porous enough, it doesn’t impact airflow significantly, you can use it in any ventilation system. Work on return vents, flood vents and removes smells effective. All you need is to check it for clogging every few months. They are washable, you can them it in smelly places like cat boxes and change new ones every month.

Hamilton Beach Replacement Carbon Pet Filter

Hamilton Beach TrueAir is small 8.5 x 8.5 inches room odor eliminator that works in a 10′ x 10′ room for up to 3 months and consumes less then 15-watt of power. Optionally you may use the included scent cartridge. Great for smokers, pet owners and craft rooms. Works great for eliminating kitchen odors caused by microwaving garlic or fish. It is fairly inexpensive, eliminates odors very well, and fairly quiet (around 35 dB).

The filter has a red strip that tells you when it needs to be changed and how much life is left. The replacement filters are relatively cheap, widely available in big box mortar stores.

I recommend vacuuming the machine weekly and cleaning with a damp cloth (sometimes with cleaner) to remove build-up and dust on the outside. The filters will last longer. The black side of the filter faces out toward the environment. There is a notch cut out in the corner of these because the machine has a tab in the filter holder that the notch lines up with. Also, there are third-party ones that work well too, but don’t have “time to change” cartridge.

Holmes Carbon Filters HAPF60, Filter C

Using a carbon filter before your HEPA filter is highly recommended since they lengthen the main filter lifespan. You can rinse carbon filters off with some cold water, dry them, and then install them in the purifier. They will last longer without any problem.

Holmes Carbon Filters works well and reasonably priced. They remove particulate matter from the air, trap a lot of dust, and your furniture doesn’t need as frequent dusting. Carbon filters also help to remove cigarette smoke and cats odors. A good idea is to use these for the backside of your evaporative cooler. You will notice a significant difference in the air freshness.

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